What Are AI Security Cameras?

Advancements in artificial intelligence technology are opening up new possibilities in a wide range of fields, including security. Today, AI security cameras are becoming increasingly popular for any area where video surveillance is used to keep a property safe.

But what is AI security, and what should you know about it as you plan out your premises’ security setup? Here’s an overview of AI security cameras to help you determine whether this might be an ideal technology for your property.

Embracing AI in security

AI for video surveillance uses software that analyzes video and audio from cameras to recognize humans, objects, vehicles and activities. Using the software, security teams can define certain restricted areas within view of the camera (a fenced-off or barricaded area, for example) and implement programming for times of day at which the area should be protected or monitored. The AI can then send an alert to security teams if it detects a person breaking the rules set in the programming.

So, for example, say you have a business property that has a fenced-off area that you don’t want to be accessible to the public at any time of day. You could program the AI to constantly monitor that area at all times of day and send automatic alerts if a person is detected crossing into that area.

You might also wish to monitor your general premises after closing and throughout the night, just to track any activity that occurs in or around your building. You could set specific areas you want to focus on, such as a parking lot, or the area directly in front of your building.

There are more complex rules you can set beyond restricting people or vehicles from certain areas at certain times of day. For example, you could set up a system to tell you if vehicles drive in one direction but not another, or if there are more than a certain number of people in a specific area at a specific time. There are plenty of more complex options for tracking people and entities on your property at any time of day, and the technology used in these systems is capable of managing the surveillance for hundreds of AI security cameras all at once, making it a far more versatile and capable option than human security guards.

Keep in mind that human programmers need to be the ones to implement these rules if you are to be alerted to the activities you want to track. It’s a good idea to have a professional programmer handle this. Discuss all your security needs with them so they know exactly what they need to program, so you can get the best security results possible.

The scalability of AI security makes it ideal for commercial properties of all sizes, but it can also be used at a smaller scale on residential properties. For more information about how you can implement AI security at your property, contact American Corporate Security today—we will be happy to answer any questions you have about this revolutionary security technology.