Security Personnel Services

American Corporate Security provides comprehensive metro security guard services for businesses throughout the Seattle area. Whether you need a patrol team for loss prevention or to keep employees and visitors safe, our experienced security personnel are vigilant, visible and effective at reducing risk at your premises.

Professional Security Guard Services

An emergency situation at your business could end up costing you in court. Compared to hiring a responsive security team to guard people and property at your business, it’s really a no-brainer!

Our unarmed security officers provide instantaneous help and are trained to act swiftly at the very first hint or possibility of danger. Our entire team is highly trained to analyze crowds, surroundings and events with a detailed eye, absorbing information that might otherwise be missed. We’re able to advise you regarding potential future threats or dangers, reducing risk.

Unarmed Security Guards

Unarmed security guards are a softer approach to security than armed guards, while giving your business a professional appearance and deterring criminals. Our team reports all incidents in real-time, allowing law enforcement to take appropriate actions immediately. Our security personnel services include but aren’t limited to:

  • Patrol Monitoring: Our security officers can patrol all areas of your property. We offer a complete service of driving and walking patrols for total protection.
  • Loss Prevention: While retail businesses are the most at risk when it comes to shrinkage and theft, even service-oriented businesses aren’t immune from thieves, including bad actors working from within. Our unarmed security officers can offer a discreet or visible presence, whichever you feel is best for your premises.
  • Special Event Security: Hosting a special event? Our security teams ensure everything goes off without a hitch and respond quickly to threats.

Unarmed Security Personnel for Seattle Businesses

American Corporate Security provides reliable security personnel to keep life and property safe at any business throughout Seattle. Call us today at (206) 465-1990 and discuss your security needs with our experienced staff.