Light Rail Metro Security in Seattle, WA

When you need a professional security presence at light rail stations and platforms throughout Seattle, Renton, Tukwila, and Renton, WA, call American Corporate Security. Our guard services provide active patrols at light rail locations, offering visibility, positive rider engagement, and de-escalation when unplanned situations arise.

Light Rail Security Solutions

Millions of people rely on light rail transportation every day, and a metro security team that works alongside law enforcement officials keeps riders and employees safe. Whether you need night guards at a station or a 24/7 presence, we offer a range of security solutions for light rail systems.

Our unarmed officers can handle many levels of responsibility, providing access control and general security for transit systems. Our guards can walk trains, check for paid fares, monitor platforms and stations and much more. Every security situation is different, and that’s why our metro security teams have ongoing, extensive training to respond to any situation before an incident happens. From crisis intervention to active shooter scenarios, our professionals are highly trained to respond effectively in any situation.

Patrols and Monitoring Services

We provide on-foot and vehicle patrols and can also monitor CCTV footage from cameras throughout your transit system. When a response from law enforcement is needed, our security officers work in conjunction with police and other authorities, reporting incidents and misconduct that often leads to arrest. It’s a cost-effective way to improve security efforts for transit systems and provide an extra set of eyes for law enforcement officers.

Explore Light Rail Security Solutions

American Corporate Security goes above and beyond to provide comprehensive security solutions for light rail systems. We contribute to the safety of employees and riders and are highly trained to respond to any security threat with day and night guards. Contact us today at (206) 465-1990 to learn more about our light rail metro security solutions, office security personnel, or construction security patrols.