The Benefits of Having Gate Access Security Guards

Some property owners or managers may find it beneficial to have gate access security teams in addition to the other methods of surveillance and security they use at their premises.

If you’re trying to decide whether having access control at your property is worthwhile or whether you should hire an entrance security guard, here are a few of the issues you should consider.

Why properties use access control

Access control is often a first layer to security for commercial properties. Restricting access to the building allows you to control who can get in and out, which will limit people on the property to only those who have express permission to be there. This drastically cuts down on the number of potential security threats you have on the property at any given time.

Access control points also act as a great deterrent for would-be intruders, who will be less likely to try to get onto the property when they see an actively monitored access control point.

The benefits of security guards

Using security guards at access points can be beneficial in a variety of ways to businesses and apartment complexes.

Guards are able to get up and move around to monitor the premises from multiple access points and locations. They’re able to walk around the entire perimeter of the property and take action if they see potential intruders. They can also take pre-emptive action if they notice possible threats, rather than being forced to react to threats when they make their presence known.

Guards, like access control points, also make for a great deterrent to potential criminals, who do not want to have to confront the guard if caught. Entrance security guards are highly trained at coordinating with police and managing a wide range of security threats.

The benefits of access gates

Another form of access control is the automatic gate. This can be a significant investment upfront, as the technology is not cheap, but the level of security it provides your business and the protection of your tenants and assets is very much worth it.

Usually, these gates are made out of high-quality steel or aluminum. These gates are built to last and are present for 24/7 protection. They offer quick, easy access for employees, who can use key cards to open the gate and enter the property, while keeping out people who do not have that access. They do not need to be constantly monitored by security staff, meaning you don’t have to worry about labor expenses associated with them.

When paired with security guards who can move around the premises, you provide yourself with multiple points of access control against would-be intruders.

If you’re interested in learning more about gate access security guards and the various other types of access control you can implement at your commercial property, as well as how these forms of security can benefit you, we encourage you to contact the team at American Corporate Security today with any questions you have about our services.