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Building and Warehouse Security You Can Trust.
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American Corporate Security provides security guard services and security monitoring to clients in the Seattle, Renton, Tukwila, and Renton, WA area. Whether you need drive-by patrols, stationary guards, CCTV, access control or any other security solution at your business or construction site, we’re the dependable security guard agency you can trust. Call our security guard agency today to discuss security services on a contract basis and get the peace of mind you need from skilled security professionals.

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On-Demand Construction and Corporate Security

From property to office security personnel, it’s important to safeguard the things that matter most to your organization. And, when it comes to protecting these essential assets, it pays to work with security experts who know how to keep them safe. In Seattle, WA, American Corporate Security is the leader when it comes to construction site and corporate security. Our wide-ranging security guard services cover a variety of functions, from loss prevention at retail stores to 24/7 monitoring of construction sites.

Leading private security companies for construction site security services, we work hard to reduce risk from potentially costly liabilities. Construction sites are often targets of vandalism, intentional damage and theft. We can provide drive-by patrols, gate access, walking patrols and more to prevent any incidents that may lead to liability. Our team is trained to safeguard employees, visitors and property like equipment, tools and the building itself. Rather than hoping for the best, invest in quality construction site security patrols to prevent significant financial loss. Our private security company is always ready to mobilize and safeguard your site, 24/7.

We also offer light rail metro security solutions. Whether you need visible presence at platforms, stations or on the train cars themselves, our team is detail-oriented, vigilant and knowledgeable at how to respond to unexpected situations. Protect riders and employees alike with a security team that understands the challenges of keeping light rail lines safe for all.

Above all, we provide a variety of security services for retail locations and office buildings throughout Seattle. From gate access patrols to desk guards, walking patrols and drive-by patrols, we always ensure the highest level of protection for your employees, visitors and property. Whatever it takes to keep you, your property and your people safe, we’re prepared to offer the best choice among private security companies.

Protection for your property and your people


Loss Prevention

Our loss prevention services reduce shrink at retail businesses and protect your profits.


Visible Security Presence

Our light rail security detail acts alongside law enforcement to visible presence.


Video Surveillance

We offer 24/7 monitoring for businesses, to facilitate surveillance.


Flagging Services

We provide flagging services for construction sites, alongside equipment monitoring.


Prevent Escalation

Our security officers are unarmed, to prevent escalation while still providing a presence.

Comprehensive Security Solutions

From construction sites to retail locations, American Corporate Security provides comprehensive security solutions to protect life and property. Contact our private security company today to schedule security guard services.

Construction, office, and light rail security service and monitoring in Seattle, Renton, Tukwila, and the surrounding areas!

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