Reasons Construction Site Security Is Essential

Because of their size and all of the activities going on, monitoring construction sites is a tough chore, but it’s an essential task for a variety of reasons.

This post will cover a few hazards of neglecting your construction site security and how you can benefit from a security system for construction sites:

  • Theft: Unattended lumber, power tools, copper, appliances and even heavy machinery often catch the eye of thieves. Additionally, construction companies need to be vigilant of workers who may try to swipe some tools or materials while on the clock. Security cameras or guards can make would-be thieves think twice.
  • Vandalism: Some graffiti isn’t as bad as having items stolen, but vandals might not stop there. It’s not uncommon for trespassers to cause major damage to construction equipment or the site itself. Vandalism most often occurs at nighttime, which is why a security presence is required.
  • Injury: Accidents are bound to happen at a construction site. Hopefully, the injuries are minimal, but that’s not always the case. Two of the construction site security benefits are that security guards can prevent accidents while cameras can present evidence of what caused an accident if one occurs.

The best ways to improve construction site security

Thankfully, there are several routes you can take to bolster the security at your construction site and prevent the problems mentioned above. Choose at least one of these methods to protect your site:

  • Construction site guards: Hiring a few security guards is the best way to prevent any problems from occurring at your construction site. Choose to have guards on-site 24/7, or just schedule routine patrols at night after all of the workers have gone home for the day.
  • Security cameras: Installing security cameras provides two key construction site security benefits. First, they can prevent vandalism and theft in the first place because would-be criminals think twice before acting if they’re being watched. Second, cameras can help catch criminals if they do commit a wrong.
  • Alarm systems: We recommend installing security alarms throughout your construction site. You have two choices for alarms: a loud alarm that scares off intruders or a silent alarm that alerts the authorities or your security staff of an issue. Our pros at American Corporate Security monitor alarms around the clock and can respond to problems ASAP.
  • Perimeter fences: Because it makes it harder for the person to get in and out of the site, a high fence can make a would-be trespasser think twice before entering your site. You’ll save yourself a whole lot of time and trouble by building a high fence around your construction site.
  • Good lighting: Believe it or not, strong lighting across your site can do a lot to prevent crimes and accidents. Criminals know they’re more likely to be caught if the site is well lit, and the lights can also lead the trespasser to believe there are workers at the site.

If you’ve recently experienced any of these problems at your security site or if you’d like to avoid the possibility altogether, call our team at American Corporate Security. Our guards and security systems for construction sites keep your property safe and secure 24/7.